Sunday, July 03, 2005

Is Rove-Hunting Cool Yet? (Outrage is on The March...Maybe...)

Difficult to say. I'm sure most of my readers have heard/seen/read about the Downing Street Memo as well as the recent revelations fingering Karl Rove inre: the Valerie Plame leak. Both are terribly incriminating for the Bush Administration, and both, surprisingly (!), are passing relatively unnoticed by the MSM and the general public.

For those who don't know, Valerie Plame was a CIA agent illegally outted to erstwhile child-sacrifice enthusiast Robert Novak by someone high up in the Bush cabal (quite probably Rove). There are various reasons for which this breach may have occurred--all focusing on childish retribution for the CIA/Plame's husband's statements "which had deeply embarrassed the Bush administration and exposed it to possible charges for impeachable offenses, including lying to the American people about an alleged (and totally unfounded) nuclear threat posed by Iraq's Saddam Hussein." (From this article, which is definitely worth a read...)

So anyway, it seems as though all of this evidence is coming to a head, and pointing to the obvious fact that, as these warmongering fascist bastards prepare for another war (in which innocent people will die, don't forget), they were absolutely lying to the whole world in the months leading up to the last war, and had long planned it, despite what anyone else wanted or thought.

But do many people in this country care? There's a lot of buzz on the blogosphere pointing to a mounting public disgust with these vicious lies, but I question whether there is much disgust of this sort. According to this Zogby poll, only 42% of the country say they'd favor impeaching Bush if it's proven that he misled the country to war with Iraq. I find that depressingly low, even if it probably is impossible to accurately poll something like that. Lying to take the country into a seemingly useless war in which probably over 100,000 have died, including innocent Iraqis and American youths, is the worst kind of crime. I don't know what kind of people they polled, but that number should be far, far higher. Nonetheless, I suppose this kind of sentiment, even from a scurvy, auto-fellating hogfucker, is still worth holding. Let's cross our fingers, eh?

By the way, Finnegan, I still love you.


Ariel said...

What war do you think Bush is getting ready to start? I will give you 10:1 if you want to bet that he starts another war-we don't have enough active brigades for Iraq, let alone Iran or Syria or wherever it is that you're imagining he's going to attack.

the actual rod said...


I am not saying it's likely. I don't think that it is. But to deny that they salivate at the thought is to deny reality, bitch.