Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rockefeller 's Ambitions

John McCain's servitude to George W. Bush and vicious neocon policy will not be rewarded with his eventual succession to the Presidency, as he wishes.

He will be rewarded with the same fate as former-VP Nelson Rockefeller, who died of a heart attack while practicing S/M with his young mistress (needless to say, he was the M).

I'm off to the Himalayas for awhile. May or may not post soon.

Alea iacta est.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Is Rove-Hunting Cool Yet? (Outrage is on The March...Maybe...)

Difficult to say. I'm sure most of my readers have heard/seen/read about the Downing Street Memo as well as the recent revelations fingering Karl Rove inre: the Valerie Plame leak. Both are terribly incriminating for the Bush Administration, and both, surprisingly (!), are passing relatively unnoticed by the MSM and the general public.

For those who don't know, Valerie Plame was a CIA agent illegally outted to erstwhile child-sacrifice enthusiast Robert Novak by someone high up in the Bush cabal (quite probably Rove). There are various reasons for which this breach may have occurred--all focusing on childish retribution for the CIA/Plame's husband's statements "which had deeply embarrassed the Bush administration and exposed it to possible charges for impeachable offenses, including lying to the American people about an alleged (and totally unfounded) nuclear threat posed by Iraq's Saddam Hussein." (From this article, which is definitely worth a read...)

So anyway, it seems as though all of this evidence is coming to a head, and pointing to the obvious fact that, as these warmongering fascist bastards prepare for another war (in which innocent people will die, don't forget), they were absolutely lying to the whole world in the months leading up to the last war, and had long planned it, despite what anyone else wanted or thought.

But do many people in this country care? There's a lot of buzz on the blogosphere pointing to a mounting public disgust with these vicious lies, but I question whether there is much disgust of this sort. According to this Zogby poll, only 42% of the country say they'd favor impeaching Bush if it's proven that he misled the country to war with Iraq. I find that depressingly low, even if it probably is impossible to accurately poll something like that. Lying to take the country into a seemingly useless war in which probably over 100,000 have died, including innocent Iraqis and American youths, is the worst kind of crime. I don't know what kind of people they polled, but that number should be far, far higher. Nonetheless, I suppose this kind of sentiment, even from a scurvy, auto-fellating hogfucker, is still worth holding. Let's cross our fingers, eh?

By the way, Finnegan, I still love you.

US/Iran woes (my take)

Since it's pertinent to the issues discussed on this blog, I've cross-posted this from Death/Media (originally written in response to Nostra's question re: this article)

Rumors in Iran are that he was involved in the killings but not directly in the Embassy ordeal. I can't quote anything on that, take it as you will. I personally have no reason to think one way or the other, but I am quite certain that the Bush Administration has nothing to lose by demonizing Ahmadinejad. There was probably a lot of ballot-stuffing in the first round, especially in Tehran, but chances are that he won the second round fairly (more fairly, at least, than G-Dubs won Florida in either 2000 or 2004....). So, when Rumsfeld says that Ahmadinejad is 'no friend to democracy', he's not exactly wrong, but then neither is ol' Donny himself. Democracy was never the issue--profit was. As it is, I still don't think that even this Savage Death Cabal has much to gain from fucking with Iran.

Why? Well, here's one angle: China holds billions of dollars worth of US bonds--this, along with the fact that the Chinese Yuan is at a fixed rate to the US dollar, helps to keep the dollar from crashing in value. China desperately needs oil to continue economic growth, and Iran provides a good amount of that oil.

If Cheney were to give the go-ahead to invade Iran, the flow of Iranian petrol and natural gas to China would be disrupted, and the price of oil would consequently rise dramatically. These two factors (the disruption itself and the resulting increase in global oil prices) would create a tremendous headache for the Chinese, who thereafter wouldn't have any reason to keep their capital tied up in U.S. bonds or their currency fixed to the dollar. The Chinese hold a lot of sway here, and Bushco can't really fuck with that. So, they may still fuck with Iran, but it would be more than a tad suicidal, economically. I don't see it happening.

Unless there is already some sort of secret agreement between the Bush Admin and China (though diplomacy isn't exactly their strong suit)...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sorry if the last post seemed angry,

Seems that some malicious freak emptied my CentrumTM bottle and instead filled it with Anabolic Steroids. That tends to have an adverse effect on my mood, etc...

According to the late great Hunter S. Thompson, John Wayne, 'the Duke', was the epitome of the mid-20th century American Dream, representing, as he called it, "the Hammerhead Ethic, and the beasts who rode it to power. These were the swine who found their model in a brutal freak like John Wayne."

And what was this ethic?

"If it won't salute, stomp it. Break it. Destroy the goddamn queer dirty thing. Rip its lungs out. . . " who do we have now?


To those of my readers who have told me that my blogging forte is the 'rant', go kill yourselves. I don't fucking rant. Ranting implies that there's no objective-- that my writing is just self-serving, fuming, pointless meandering bullshit. It may be nonlinear, and I may not be setting myself up for employment by USA Today, but ranting I ain't. Half-witted slack-jaw bigots. So, next time one of you fools opens your mouth to compliment me on my blog, think about what you say lest I remove your tonsils manually. That's right motherfuckers, I'm hard.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Neoconservatism is NOT an Ideology (Part 1)

Just a quick note. I've had it up to here (around nipple-level) with the characterizations of neoconservatism as the new intellectual force around Washington. Anyone who is "compelled" by neocon doctrine: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Lying to get what you want (even if the U.S. is now an empire, which somehow justifies lying at every turn) is NOT ideology, it is childish.

Calling to start multiple wars on non-aggressor states is NOT ideology, it is vicious, hateful, irresponsible and crazy.

Presenting your pre-conceived desires for war with the dimwitted messianic rhetoric of spreading democracy is not an ideology, it's a diversion.

There is nothing even the slightest bit intelligent about neoconservatism, and any attempts to present it as a true scholarly/groundbreaking movement are complete bullshit. War is war. Don't shit in my plate and call it breakfast. There is nothing even the slightest bit intelligent behind this trash; only greed. That's why these murdering scum are so smug. Fuck them.

Fuck Donald Kagan, Fuck William Kristol, Fuck Stephen Cambone, and Fuck PNAC as a think tank, a sex cult, and as a muthafuckin crew. (If you down with PNAC, fuck you too.)

Nazis (yes, I said it) in High Places

Gee willikers, Keith, it took so long because Cheney had my hands broken; worry not, though...that was just a June affair.

Yes, yes, thirsty masses. Quit your goddamn complaining--I'm back (for awhile, or maybe just now. Maybe forever?)'s not so much that I had no material--quite the opposite, in fact--there just aren't that many working computers here in my old stomping grounds, which are a bit like Al Anbar province on a good day, but (mostly) without the constant shelling and airborne flesh-morsels. But that's something else entirely (.....or is it?).

They really want a new war, but that's all under the table because it's too far from election time (June passed, and I guess, for once, that Sy Hersch was wrong...sort of). It's clear these semi-retarded fearmongers cynically view war as a means and an end--it is their whole universe, their unit of thought. To them, everything is war. You get elected to make war, you make war to get elected. Simple.


Washington is filled with savage, rapacious, greed-fueled blood-drinkers (a bit like our friend Finnegan), and Bush is their pool-boy. There's a hierarchy: Urbahn and Schneller (notice I didn't mention Kirchick, who I think is periodically funny) rank somewhere below Kristol, but a bit above Lieberman. I don't know about the sex cult, though, you'll have to ask them yourselves--though soon I may have some stories about that, too. Cross your fingers....or, failing that, blow something up; Be American, Goddamnit (I've been spending a good deal of time blowing things up these days, in a safe and unterroristic manner, and I have to tell you, brothers and sisters, I've never felt so glorious/patriotic).

The Republican Vortex, slaves of which have repeatedly accused Democrats of acting like Nazis--including a good pal, R. Santorum (or, as he prefers to be called in our encounters, Rick S...), in ref. to the threat of Judicial Filibusters (in which case Senate Republicans of the 90s were equally guilty of National Socialist tendency), his pal James Inhofe, and a slew (what exactly is a slew? I mean, how much does it imply? 5? 20? Thousands?) of others. Inhofe's is my favorite, because it compares the KYOTO TREATY to the Holocaust. Safeguarding against global warming=industrialized mass murder. This, my comrades, is the New Logic.

Which is why I think my man Dick Durbin didn't need to apologize for shit, because at least he made a little sense. I'm not one to understate the tremenAnd at least they came from a concern for human life and the American Way (I say GODDAMN, we Muslims are still "humans", right?)...Here were his actual words, from Daily Kos...

When you read some of the graphic descriptions of what has occurred here [at Guantanamo Bay]--I almost hesitate to put them in the [Congressional] Record, and yet they have to be added to this debate. Let me read to you what one FBI agent saw. And I quote from his report:

On a couple of occasions, I entered interview rooms to find a detainee chained hand and foot in a fetal position to the floor, with no chair, food or water. Most times they urinated or defecated on themselves, and had been left there for 18-24 hours or more. On one occasion, the air conditioning had been turned down so far and the temperature was so cold in the room, that the barefooted detainee was shaking with cold. . . . On another occasion, the [air conditioner] had been turned off, making the temperature in the unventilated room well over 100 degrees. The detainee was almost unconscious on the floor, with a pile of hair next to him. He had apparently been literally pulling his hair out throughout the night. On another occasion, not only was the temperature unbearably hot, but extremely loud rap music was being played in the room, and had been since the day before, with the detainee chained hand and foot in the fetal position on the tile floor.

If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime--Pol Pot or others--that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners.

Question for any neocon friends I may still have--how do you live with yourselves? Like the poor saps described above, in the piss and shit of the blind, vicious lies you keep repeating?


Quick note: I'm not implying that either Urbahn or Schneller are Nazis. They are actually very lovely people. Kristol and Lieberman, however, get no sympathy. To hell with them.