Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Commerce in Death

Whether or not the Bush Administration's extremely, even hilariously hypocritical belligerence (subtly aided by a criminal media) towards Iran is a precursor to a devastating regional war, it (along with the destabilization brought about by its occupation of Iraq) has had its effect. Gulf Arab states, with economies buoyed by the high oil prices--in large part caused by the war on Iraq--and paranoid about Iranian (and domestic Shi'i) retaliation in case of an American attack, not to mention these governments' concern about their own restive, impoverished populations, are engaging in a military spending bonanza mostly benefitting American death merchants.

The lionized Senator James Webb, supposedly a voice of anti-war reason in Washington, called the Middle East "a region that has never known peace." Aside from the glaring racism (and requisite historical blindness) of such a comment, the irony, in light of the unprecedented multi-billion dollar profits for the American church of brutality, cannot be missed. Indeed, as has been noted, time and again, most if not all of the violence in the Middle East comes at the behest (and benefit) of "US interests." To call a land that you are destroying "a region that has never known peace" is like calling Rodney King "a man who has never known law."

Whether or not this was a primary rationale for the Bush era destabilization of the Middle East (and you can examine where neocon think tanks get their money yourself), it certainly has been a major effect. This escalating regional arms race, while almost exclusively benefitting the American military-industrial complex, ominously portends a militarized future for the Muslim world. But, in the service of capital, the victims of US aggression don't exist; put succinctly, they are unpeople.


The ACTUAL God said...

remember that class called "Capitalism vs. Socialism: THE DEBATE"?

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yeah, who taught that? michael dove?

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great post.

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