Friday, February 02, 2007

"Free Speech", Inc.

Things You Can't Discuss in Polite Company in Washington, DC:

The suspension of disbelief integral to the Lobby's conception of Israeli security.

The Lobby in general.

Ethnic cleansing by allies.

Genocide by allies.

Ethnic cleansing by the US.

Genocide by the US.

International law, as it applies to the above.

A world without hegemony.

The word 'imperialism' (though it's okay to talk about empire).

The word 'neoliberal' (check out how bogus that link actually is!).

The word 'evidence' preceded or followed by a truthful statement (this applies especially to members of the Axis of Evil).

The number of deaths by starvation caused by neoliberal agricultural policy.

The oil industry in relation to the Iraq War, even during criticism of administration policy.

The non-American death toll of the occupation of Iraq.

The racial element of the prison system, the legal system, or the socioeconomic imbalance that aids them.

Perfectly feasible and economical alternatives to fossil fuel consumption.

Corporate welfare.

The "modernization" of anti-trust law necessary to allow over $3.8 trillion in corporate mergers in one year.

Presidential Freudian slips


Actually, if you have to go to Washington, just try not to say anything.

...But ask yourself, why are these important issues never mentioned?

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