Monday, December 31, 2007

Fresh Gust of Bipartisanship

One reason for my prolonged absence from this blog is that the news doesn't particularly merit comment (not that it did when I was blogging...), but this was amusing.

The latest news cycle has featured a good deal of buzz on the possibility of a Mike Bloomberg candidacy. A few retired Democrats are supporting him--but why? A cursory reading is instructive:

Mr. Bloomberg himself has become more candid in conversations with friends and associates about his interest in running, according to participants in those conversations. Despite public denials, the mayor has privately suggested several scenarios in which he might be a viable candidate: for instance, if the opposing major party candidates are poles apart, like Mike Huckabee, a Republican, versus Barack Obama or John Edwards as the Democratic nominee.

While it's quite revealing that Huckabee, an avowed economic populist, is the only Republican mentioned as unacceptable (to Mr. Bloomberg, one assumes), ultimately, this is nothing more than a (pre-Iowa) threat to Democrats who dare consider an alternative to Hillary Clinton--that is, if you attempt to engage in democracy, we will crush you.

How charming that a third party candidate is running on a platform of 'bipartisanship'; although it is understandable, given that the common mind cannot choose between more than two flavors.


mr. wrongway said...

I am 100 percent behind Bloomberg's budding bid, choice indeed: flavonoid or bioflavonoid?

Beneficent Allah said...


Anonymous said...

Sad to see you go.

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